Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

The Swiss man who rediscovered his former incarnation

Here is an amazing story about a previous life that changed the current life for this old man from Switzerland who verifies the facts he got from constant visions and dreams (following an NDE) and finally finds out about a former life as his own ancestor in North America. Read more


Despite the biased view against the case for reincarnation it still is a nice documentary featuring the leading expert of the field, the late professor Ian Stevenson. Read more

Reincarnation Past Life Evidence

Here is a BBC production on Previous Lives and Reincarnation. It features big names of Regression Therapy, like Roger Woolger and Carol Bowman but also skeptics like Dr. Persinger and Dr. Blackmore among many others. Once again the biased, conventional, and dominant scientific paradigm imposes its prejudiced point of view on the matter. They disregard the facts and there are lots of them out there. The producers of the film are out there to discredit genuine memories simply because there exist no such possibilities in their limited model of the cosmos. Despite the bias it is a good film to watch and is a good display of the logic of the skeptics which regression therapists should always have in mind. Read more

Interview with Roger Woolger

This is a video produced by Stephen Sakellarios. It is an interview with our formerly honorary member and late Dr. Roger Woolger taken in 1999. Other parts of the interview, as well as Woolger at work, can be seen on the documentary in Another Life . We are thankful to the courtesy of Stephen Sakellarios to provide us with this and other films. Read more

Why Regression Therapy

This is an introductory documentary about an alternative therapeutic approach that is really effective but attracts controversy. It is about time to dissolve, the clouds that faded this mode of therapy.
In this production prominent figures of the field like Morris Netherton, Roger Woolger, Hans TenDam, Trisha Caetano, and Marion Boon are interviewed and share their experience with us about the methods, the effects, and the ways they go about.
If you want to learn not only why but how, when and with whom you should choose regression therapy instead of other approaches, then this is the film to see… Read more

What is Regression Therapy

Presentation Time: ~30min

Presentation Transcript
What is Regression Therapy? A Brief Historical Regression A production of the EARTh, The Earth Association for Regression Therapy Therapists that make a difference.
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