Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Our loved President…

Dear members of EARTh,

It is with great sadness that we inform you that our president, John van Raamsdonk, has passed away Thursday 12 November in the afternoon.

John had many health challenges in the past few years. He wrote about some of them in our previous newsletters. In the past year he was in hospital for months. He barely survived an open heart operation and also had to recover from an infarction. About five years earlier he cured from a lung tumor.
He surprised doctors and specialists that he survived pretty big challenges.

After a couple of fairly good months, John got some bad news again. A new tumor could be growing in his lungs and the yeast in his blood was back, damaging again his artificial heart valve. Again he had to get infusions three times a day, which to his distress was limiting his possibilities and bringing his energy down.

Unfortunately catching the Corona virus a few weeks ago – by a strike of bad luck, as he put it – was just over the edge for Johns body. He was on a high amount of oxygen and got medication, but both his lungs were damaged and also his kidneys, so the doctors advised him to let go.

He said goodbye to his family and died in the presence of his wife Eda.

Even on his death bed EARTh was on his mind and he wanted to hand things over to Janine, who went to the hospital to say goodbye to him for all of us. He greets you all and mentioned how much he enjoyed being part of EARTh.

We had a board meeting on November 12th and spend some time sending John and his family healing energy, to make the passage for John easier. Right after our meditation we were informed that John had passed away. We feel it is no coincidence.

We will forever remember John for his friendliness, his sense of humor and his ability to connect people. With a various background, from director of a training company, to market vendor, to social worker and taxi driver he could easily connect to everyone and touched many hearts.

We wish John a peaceful journey to reunite with the light of his soul.
We wish his wife Eda and his family much strength in these challenging times.
For all our members who have lost John as a friend: we wish you strength as well.

With love,

The EARTh board and Executive Secretary
Victor, Diba, Gudrun, Aysegul, Rita, Janine and Anna.

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)