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The phrase “transpersonal and spiritual experiences” refers to the sense of identity of the self extending beyond the personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche, or cosmos. Western scientific exploration of such experiences has been nearly nonexistent, due primarily to the currently accepted scientific paradigm. But a study of the psyche that fails to deal with the transpersonal and spiritual realms is, by definition, unscientific in that it fails to take into account, or even to report, a large body of phenomena.

Soul Retrieval

Practitioners of past-life therapy and research often report a perceived empathic bond with their clients during their sessions. It is not all that unusual for a therapist to report knowing what a client was experiencing before s/he actually described it verbally. Nor is it unusual for a client to report feeling the presence of the therapist during the past-life experience. In this article, the author presents an interesting extension of this, in that she felt obliged to enter into the client’s experience. The description of what occurred leaves us with perhaps more questions than answers.

Regression Therapy as a Valid Approach in Treating Obesity:

A Case Study

by Janet Cunningham, M.S.
The study of obesity has perplexed dieters and professionals alike. This paper presents the research and view that regression therapy and working through the blockages in the unconscious mind can be a major key to success. The research of the author indicates five major reasons for manifesting excess body fat. She identifies those reasons, and documents a case study using childhood and past-life therapy.

Survival on a Wing and a Prayer


What caused a little girl who played with dolls to become the biggest bully in high school, fighting and beating up other kids? ….and what caused that same woman, as an adult officer in a tough corrections facility, to become a private investigator, devoted to using her psychic gifts to serve God? This is the true story of Gail Lionetti, well-known private investigator on the east coast who, after 2 near-death experiences, now helps police solve crimes and find missing children. From her tortuous childhood and adult life filled with pain and disappointment, Gail finds strength inside herself to keep going…discovering her spiritual path as well as the purpose in her life.

ISBN-13: 978-1420892529


Love’s Fire: Beyond Mortal Boundaries


scienceSexuality and Spirituality dance together in this intimate true love story that bridges eternity. Inspiring read for women and men of all ages who long to deepen their power of giving and receiving love in the here and now while they remain open to the hereafter.

ISBN-13: 978-0972400817

Inner Selves: The Feminine Path to Weight Loss


InnerA multi-level holistic work which explores how the hidden patterns and unconscious motivations of our emotional, mental, and spiritual “selves” manifest in excess body fat. Based upon over 25 years of work in the field of weight control and counseling, this is the culmination of Dr. Cunningham’s research.
“INNER SELVES” is the first truly comprehensive book about weight, Period. It is a multi-level and most impressive holistic work. Weight is so much more than just eating – or not eating. This book explores the hidden patterns and unconscious motivations that control weight. I highly recommend it to everyone. — Henry Leo Bolduc is a research hypnotist with over 32 years of practical experience, author, and owner of Adventures in Time.
ISBN-13: 978-0919848177


Caution Soul Mate Ahead!


CautionSpiritual Love in the Physical World

CAUTION: Soul Mate Ahead! is a refreshing and honest appraisal of soul mate relationships based upon the resarch and experiences of Janet Cunningham, Ph.D. and Michael Ranucci. Janet and Michael present four thought-provoking and powerful stories of actual soul mate relationships. These stories are told in a touching manner, with the cooperation and actual words of the participants.

Janet and Michael’s down-to-earth, yet spiritual and ethereal view of relationships urges the reader to lift in consciousness as s/he is brought to expanded concepts of Love. “Material success and possessions all pass away in time. The only thing that is eternal is Love–not the love of physical personalities, or the possessive love we have learned to accept, but the love between souls who return again to share their lives together.”
ISBN-13: 978-0964002692

A Tribe Returned

cunninghamA Tribe Returned is the incredible personal and professional story of Janet Cunningham and over 25 people who have memories of being together in a Native American Tribe. “You were selected by the Grandfathers to be the next Chief,” Janet was told. Unknowingly she gathered the tribe together in this life. As a past-life therapist, she has assisted in releasing the traumatic stored memories of a devastating massacre. Art teacher and artist Orazio Salati began painting his memories on huge canvas before he knew that he was part of the tribe. “The images just came out of me,” he told Janet.

ISBN-13: 978-1882530090

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