Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

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Eight reincarnation stories

Here you will see 8 reincarnation stories that were researched in the twentieth century. This film depicts them in a very fast track manner as dictates the zeitgeist of our times. However, all of these cases were pursued and studied very seriously by credible researchers. Read more

Evidence of Reincarnation

This is a small film with Tom Harpur as the Supernatural Investigator. A small introduction about Professor Stevenson and his contribution. Featured in this film are Dr Tucker, Dr Krippner and Dr Semkiw. The case of James Leininger is featured, as well as the case of Barbro Karlen. Read more

The Swiss man who rediscovered his former incarnation

Here is an amazing story about a previous life that changed the current life for this old man from Switzerland who verifies the facts he got from constant visions and dreams (following an NDE) and finally finds out about a former life as his own ancestor in North America. Read more

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