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Regression Therapy

Edward Tick

The Wandering Souls of Vietnam by Edward Tick



Edward Tick, Ph.D.

Life is difficult, full of unexpected challenges and threats.  Many people do not complete its journey in peace or with good fortune.  Whether from warfare, at sea, while traveling, or from accidents or illnesses, people may die violently and unexpectedly, far from home and loved ones.  Many traditional cultures from around the world have believed that when people die this way, their souls – whether on this plane or another – may be traumatized, stuck in a limbo, unable to move on to the land of the dead or in their cycles of reincarnation.

In ancient Vietnamese belief, if a person dies violently or without leaving children to remember them, the soul becomes trapped, wandering in this world and unable to continue its journey toward reincarnation.  In Viet Nam a wandering soul is called co hon.  Peasants report seeing and hearing wandering souls gather to lament in jungle valleys and riverbeds. Read more

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