Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Esko Rintala

Development of a Philosophical Aberration by Esko Rintala


The rapid accumulation of articles on Spirit Releasement published in the internet and a number of books presuppose that discarnate spirits really exist and that it is possible to perceive such entities. In our Western cultural milieu, however, it is customary to treat such statements and opinions with derision and scorn. This emotional attitude is extremely widespread both among the self appointed cultural elite and the population at large. There is an obvious need to have a closer look at the origins of this position.

In the early tribal stage of the development of humanity, the multitude of shamanistic religions shared many common features. People in almost every culture believed that the physical level is surrounded and penetrated by a sphere of existence that man enters in death, and in benevolent and malevolent spiritual beings residing there. The emergence of higher religions did not eliminate this basic religious world view. Belief in discarnate, conscious spirit beings, which are able to influence living people, was shared by a multitude of cultures. “Every era and culture has known the state of possession, in which a discarnate entity enters a living human being, either wholly or in part. In about 90 per cent of the cultures of humanity, there are records of possession phenomena” (Edward Foulks, 1985). One of these records is, of course, our Bible. Even in our modern Western sphere of culture, many people have various “paranormal” experiences. They are often subjected to a powerful negative norm pressure, even ridicule. In several countries, even associations for the defense of materialistic conviction have been founded. Their line of action is to pass public mockery awards to publishers and TV-channels for violating materialistic principles. Read more

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