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Hans TenDam

Exploring Reincarnation, Hans TenDam

Exploring Reincarnation: The Classic Guide to the Evidence for Past-life Experiences Kindle Edition Written by one of the world’s leading authorities, EXPLORING REINCARNATION is a definitive study that examines the

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What is EARTh?

JULY 2013 By Hans TenDam EARTh is common, special, wise, winding, on the upswing, a well-spring, nothing, all-pervading. EARTh is common. It is about ordinary people doing ordinary things –

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MARCH 2013 by Hans TenDam What is the acme, the crown of the work of a past-life therapist? I am believing more and more that it is the way we

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MAY 2012 by Hans TenDam People seek therapy because they want to change something. Which means they are not perfectly happy with their life as it is. Why are people

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