Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

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De outros Mundos

De Outros Mundos. Portugueses e Extraterrestres no Séc. XX, published in 2009 it’s an academic revision of several aspects of the UFO phenomena in Portugal from the Social point of view till the clinical one. Two members of Earth, Mário Simões and Mário Resende, published an article about memories of alien contacts and abductions in regression therapy and the way to work them therapeutically. Based on the literature review and their clinical experience they present how to help clients to deal with the traumatic effects of these contents.








Psicologia da Consciência. Pesquisa e Reflexão em Psicologia Transpessoal published in 2003 and coordinated by two members of Earth, Mário Simoes and Mário Resende, presents research data and articles about Transpersonnal Psychology and Transpersonnal Psychotherapy, where Regression Therapy is included. Of special interest, the articles about spiritual emergencies, the psychiatric approach to mystical experiences, the specific ethical problems of Transpersonal Psychotherapy, the personal process of the transpersonal psychotherapist and the research about spiritual content in dreams and about healing migraines with regression therapy. In Portuguese, published by Lidel a science publishing house.

Altered States of Consciousness and Psychotherapy A Cross-Cultural Perspective – Mário Simões


Altered States of Consciousness and Psychotherapy

A Cross-Cultural Perspective*

The main physiological and induced Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs) are outlined, as well as methods of induction. The phenomenology of ASCs is described and related to psychopathology. A short commentary is given about ASCs used in some ethnopsychotherapies. Psychotherapies of Western origin using ASCs, especially hypnosis, Holotropic Breathwork, and Personalized Experiential Restructuralization Therapy (Past-Life/Regression Therapy) are outlined and discussed.

Mário Simões Psychiatric University Clinic, Lisbon, Portugal. Read more

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