Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Marjorie Reynolds

The Art of Listening, Henry Leo Bolduc and Marjorie V. Reynolds

In our profession, there are many things that are important to learn and to utilize. Some examples are: a pleasant voice, professional manners, and good business skills. There is another quality that is seldom discussed; yet, it might be the most valuable attribute of hypnotists and regression therapists. That quality is the ability to listen.

We understand that our work consists, primarily, of speaking, especially when we are helping a client by means of visualization; however, the act of listening is even more important. Listening, especially during the intake period, creates rapport and trust between the therapist and the client. Listening demonstrates a genuine interest and it suggests that both individuals are working together for the benefit of the client. Listening provides the regression therapist with key words and phrases from the client’s own vocabulary. Such terms, built into the therapeutic session, can allow the client to feel at ease.

An out‑dated approach implied that the hypnotherapist was the expert and that the client was ‑the problem. Today, we have grown a little wiser in our approach by recognizing that the client might be wiser than we had realized. Clients have conscious goals and hopes that must be acknowledged. They also have unconscious goals and wisdom. It is important to interview and to listen to the inner mind (in past‑life work) as well as to the conscious mind (intake). Sometimes there is harmony between those two states of consciousness; however, often, there is strong opposition. Read more

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