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Regression Therapy

Body Wisdom by Anita Groenendijk

Anita Groenendijk will teach how to use the wisdom of the body in Regression Therapy. You will learn how to use the muscle test to find attached energies in regression

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Diba Ayten Yilmaz Publications

“This is the first book in Turkish which explains how regression therapy works.  Book includes nearly 80 case studies of Diba’s regression therapy work including follow-up results. These case studies are

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Mário Simões Publications

De Outros Mundos. Portugueses e Extraterrestres no Séc. XX, published in 2009 it’s an academic revision of several aspects of the UFO phenomena in Portugal from the Social point of

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Treating the Core Issue

by Trisha Caetano Core issues underlie behavior, says this author. When using past-life regression therapy (PLRT), she advises, it is important to address the client’s case from an overview position,

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