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Regression Therapy

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Core Issues In Relationships

by Trisha Caetano, B.S.

The Structure of Core Issue Patterns

A core issue is the result of an incident which causes an individual to form a viewpoint, feeling, or emotion that originates a pattern of behavior. Core issues are basic: anger, fear, control, worth, loss, guilt, etc. There can be one primary core issue active in a specific lifetime, with other issues associated with it or derived from it, or there can be more than one primary core issue in re-stimulation in a lifetime. For example, fear and guilt could be inexorably linked in the present, but could have originated in different lifetimes and therapeutically, must be dealt with individually. Core issues underline behavior, which is why, at best, behavior modification simply compounds existing coping mechanisms. The function of past-life regression therapy is to locate cause for the purpose of eliminating effect. To locate cause, the therapist must find the specific experience that originates the core issue pattern.

Concepts of “good” and “bad” are usually formed early on the time line of the reincarnation cycle and are primary core issues. There can be a number of lifetimes when, due to perhaps entirely different circumstances, the person concluded that he was “bad” and then associated other viewpoints with this core issue, programming and cross-referencing them on the same tape in the memory banks. Once the viewpoint of “bad” is assumed in the present lifetime, it re-stimulates the entire tape and the individual reacts subconsciously to the program. Read more

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