Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Roger Woolger

Deep Memory Process and the Healing of Trauma

by Roger Woolger and Andy Tomlinson

What are Deep Memories?

Cheryl was a young professional psychotherapist who attended one of our workshops on Deep Memory Process.  She was a very able therapist but had always suffered from crippling panic attacks when it came to speaking out in groups. By the the third day of the workshop she had successfully avoided such anxiety by carefully burying her nose in her notebook and deliberately saying as little as possible. The topic that morning was fear however, and when the examples turned to terror in group situations, she found herself having an anxiety attack at the very mention of the subject. Quite unbidden a flashback of herself as a little girl of four popped in to her mind and she found herself quietly weeping and trembling. Someone offered her the Kleenex and she shrank in embarassment. The group leader, Roger, unaware that she had been “triggered” invited her to say what was happening. She felt trapped and even more embarassed; the spotlight was truly on her and her worst fear. But bravely, when the leader offered she took the opportunity to work. Read more

The Signs of the Times and the Time of the Heart by Roger J. Woolger (Part I)


by Roger Woolger


Each age is an age that is dying, or one that is coming to birth. (O’Shaughnessey)


In this talk  I want to distinguish three kinds of time: first of all the time of history, and the idea that we are now experiencing the end of a huge world cycle of historical time, end times that could possibly be heralding the beginning of a new age. (PART ONE) Secondly, I want to talk about visionary time, the time that belongs to the soul and the inner world, the kind of  time that we work with in all forms of depth psychotherapy, regression therapy, and most of all, past life regression. Thirdly, I want to talk about a very special kind of time, the time of the heart. (PART TWO) Read more

The Signs of the Times and the Time of the Heart by Roger J. Woolger (Part II)

by Roger Woolger


The Signs of the Times and the Time of the Heart


Visionary Time: The Time of Soul

You could not discover the boundaries of soul though you tried every path,
so deep does its measure reach down.

A remarkable feature of regression therapy is the rapidity and precision with which it takes us out of the “stuckness” of material reality, the solidity of the world, the fixity of the symptoms, egoic concretization of my tumor, my backache, my impossible life into a very different experience of the self and of time. By the use of a simple yet radical instruction: “Now, just close your eyes, lie down, and go inside” good regression therapy helps us move from talking about our personal symptoms and problems-externalizing and objectifying them-into the vivid subjective reality of our “inner world.”

What is “inside”? What is this “inner world” where centuries and lifetimes flash by in less than an hour or two, known so well and intimately to many of us. from regression therapy and shamanic journeying? It is this strangely condensed time with its infinitely rich territory of the inner world that I propose to call visionary time. Read more

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