Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy


Regression therapy is entering the psychiatric field in Suriname

Regression therapy is entering the psychiatric field in Suriname

Dr. Camla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri

While I was in Suriname in February this year I had the honour to be present at the promotion of dr. Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri. This psychiatrist became a ‘doctor of medical science’ because of her study of working with ‘Transpersonal regression therapy’ with psychiatric patients. In her dissertation she describes 20 cases of patients with whom she successfully worked with Transpersonal regression therapy.

Patients felt helped by a treatment that was open to ideas that in their cultural backgrounds are common, like reincarnation, 

From left to right Janine Booij, Ronald Van der Maesen & Cecilia Manichand

influences from ancestors, spirit possession and ‘helping entities’. While dr. Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri explained at her promotion these things can be seen as metaphors, she emphasizes the importance of using a pluralistic approach in the treatment of psychiatric problems in Suriname.

Dr. Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri was trained by the Dutch past life therapists Rob Bontenbal and Ronald van der Maesen in Suriname. Ronald van der Maesen was present at the promotion asnwell.

The study will probably be published in Dutch soon and hopefully in English later. For now we are thankful to Dr. Nannan-Panday she has agreed to share the summary of her study with us, available to you through this link.

Janine Booij.

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