Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Christoph von Keyserlingk – Bio

Name: Christoph von Keyserlingk


Count Christoph von Keyserlingk , born in 1941, living in Dresden, Germany.

He grown up in an anthroposophical surrounding as third generation.

He studied history, psychology, sociology and political science.

He started his self-development with Prof. Karlfried Graf Dürckheim, Dr. W. Büntig, Jeru Kabbal, Prof. Claudio Naranjo. He went to India to stay with Osho for six years. He studied past life regression therapy with Wadud and Waduda in Poona (India).

Back in Germany he opened his own office for regression therapy and later he changed the office name to “Reiki-Zentrum Dresden”, because the term Reincarnation was practical unknown at that time in east Germany. To deepen his abilities in regression therapy he got certified by Dr. Morris Netherton as a reincarnation therapist. He studied constellation work with Bert Hellinger and guided a study group in Dresden for constellation therapist over 5 years. Forced by a client with Multiple Personality Disorder he attended several courses with Michaela Huber – the German specialist for Multiple Personality Disorder.

2005 he started his own school for Reincarnation and Regression therapy “AIR Dresden” with his wife Chanda.

2006 he became a founding member of EARTh association in Frankfurt (Main).

Christoph is still teaching and did several workshops at the EARTh annual conventions. He does work in Dresden in reincarnation therapy and constellation work.

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