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Elif Ertenli

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Elif graduated from the Biology Department at Hacettepe Üniversity. After graduation she enrolled in a Master’s degree program in Immunology, Tumor Biology and Radiation Oncology at Hacettepe University Medical School, and began to work in the Pathology Department of the Cytology Unit as well. While she was enrolled in the master’s program she began working on microscopic cancer cells, and has now been working with human cells for 23 years.
Elif has always approached life with an immense curiosity, focused on exploring and discovering meaning in the world.
Since her early years she has always been interested in spirituallity: about how energy works, about conciousness as well as the unconscious, about Ego Psycology, and about shamanic cultures and rituels. In order to uncover more of these mysteries she completed Reiki Healing courses as well as Master Programs with Dr. Büllur Memmedi, Ericsonian Hypnosis with Dr. Bülent Uran, Erickson Life Coaching with Marilyn Atkinson and Dr. Zerrin Başer, NLP Practitioner courses with Dr. Zerrin Başer, and Transaksional Analisis T101 with Prof Dr. Füsun Akkoyun.Afterwards she went to Radianced Regression School and became an Earth member in 2011. She also joined WCRT, the 4th World Congress of Regression, discovering how other collegues approached Regression therapies. In the Radianced School she participated in some advanced workshops given by Diba Ayten Yılmaz and Andy Tomlinson. These Life Between Life (LBL ) trainings caused a big spiritual awakening in her life though she did not complete the diploma process.Since 2012 she has been participating in workshops at Bilyay Istanbul, which is credited by Earth. Additionally, she has been participating in workshops on Unicorn Tranformational Studies.In 2013 she met Juanita and attended her energy workshops. Afterward, she decided to become a Deep Memory Process (DMP) practitioner, an approach founded by Roger Woolger. She finished her diploma process at the end of 2015 and is still attending advanced trainings given by Juanita. She has also attended Shamanic Journey workings with Juanita and Leo Rutherford.

Apart from Regression studies, she is following up with Tamer Dovucu’s Optimum Balance Training courses. At the end of February she plans to finish the family training given by Tamer Dovucu, who is co-founder and President of the Milton Erickson Institue in Turkey.

Elif’s intention in her work is to facilitate people in seeing themselves from new perspectives as well as to see themselves as a piece within the whole of perfection. She believes that Regression work is a brilliant gift given to the universe and humanity, and that the work she performs adds another drop to the ocean. With her fervent dedication to service she plans to continue to work and educate herself endlessly. 

Mode of therapy 
Regression Therapy

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