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Elizabeth Sweenman- Bio

Name: Elizabeth Sweetman

Address: 23 Leafield Way, Corasham, SN13 9RS, UK

Phone: 07879447631



Using the 5 tools of Ayurveda, (diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga and massage) I work holistically with clients to support them through lifestyle and diet changes within the confines of a busy family life – and where clients need to get to the heart of unexplained physical, emotional or spiritual issues, I offer Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing and Spirit Release.

Originally completing my Ayurvedic Therapy training under Dr Deepa Apte at the Ayurveda Pura Academy in London, I soon began to discover how unresolved issues and emotions were affecting my clients’ physical health. Many times I’d find completely forgotten memories tucked away in back pain or unexplained knee problems, tinnitus, eczema etc. etc. These would then disappear as soon as we released the unresolved energy/emotion. This led me to train further with the Past Life Regression Academy under Andy Tomlinson and it has been astonishing how effectively and quickly a combination of Regression and Massage resolve health issues.

I now tailor holistic packages for clients who need a combination of massage therapy, regression and diet therapy – I offer free 20 minute telephone consultations if you would like to explore whether this would suit you.

I am based at Equilibrium Natural Health Centre in Corsham, Wiltshire but can see clients in their homes if preferred for an additional charge.

My Specialisms:
I specialise in Regression and “BODY WORK” — specifically how the energetic systems of the body (which flow through every organ) can become imbalanced by trauma, illness, drugs or simply childhood conditioning (sit still and be quiet!) and occasionally imbalances can originate as far back as the womb or even earlier. Very often the imbalance can be caused by energy NOT belonging to the client — so where clients have a heart-felt connection with someone, they can often absorb that person’s problems or someone’s negative comments for example. If you have any unexplained physical issues I would encourage you to explore Regression as I have seen many clients be completely transformed by this powerful therapy.

My Approach to Therapy & How I Work:
I am very scientific and analytical in the way I approach therapy, and originally, I was a huge sceptic with regard to “energy healing” and “past life regression”.

Then I had a client who was in her 20’s who changed all of that for me. She’d had endless tests and consultant appointments to find out the cause of her life-long knee pain but they couldn’t explain it. During massage, we discovered that she’d witnessed a traumatic event in her childhood, and in running to get help, her subconscious mind had somehow stored the memory of this traumatic event in her knee. I know it may sound crazy, but bear with me. The subconscious mind encapsulates traumatic events so that we can go on with our lives and soon the event is all but forgotten. In my client’s case, she did not even remember the event she witnessed until I discovered the body memory in her knee. When we accessed the memory and she was able to process it, she was completely and instantly healed. After that I tried Past Life Regression for myself for a pain I’d had in my shoulder since childhood. I always used to describe it like an arrow in my shoulder. And it was! We went back to my life as a Roman Commander and an assassination attempt. I never got over it and the pain has followed me ever since. Sometimes with clients I can trace the pain from life to life to life. The reason for this is that PAIN SERVES TO TEACH US SOMETHING and when we listen, the pain disappears. Coming back to my Roman life, the pain was to teach me about what it really means to be strong. In that life I thought that being strong was about being rigid and emotionless, but actually the opposite was true. In Regression I got the insight that true strength is about flexibility and being connected to those around us. And as soon as I made the connection, that pain was gone. Regression helps us to get profound insights about our current lives and offers us opportunities to resolve matters which we struggle with in our lives. I’ve seen many relationships changed, and difficult situations transformed as well as pain and ill-health healed through Regression.

What to Expect from a Session:
Current Life Regression and Inner Child Healing is used to access and resolve traumatic memories buried deep in the subconscious mind. Left unresolved they are triggered, causing uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, or disproportionate reactions to people or situations – for example PTSD symptoms. Regression is particularly useful where clients don’t want to talk about these painful experiences so light hypnosis is used and we go straight to the heart of the trauma in a moment and transform the situation to get resolution and healing with all parties involved in the spirit realms or Higher Mind. With more complex issues multiple sessions may be needed where layers need to be resolved, but each session is complete in itself and clients express relief and feelings of peace afterwards. A client reported having 25 years of continuous therapy and felt that she’d made more progress in a couple of session of Regression.

Past Life Regression is used to access memories from our previous incarnations to gain understanding about situations and challenges in this life. This is especially true if we notice unexplained or irrational reactions to events or circumstances or we encounter repeating patterns throughout this life. It allows a new perspective to be gained which enables blocks from the past to be released resulting in positive resolution on all levels. During a past life regression session you may also meet your guides or speak to the wisest part of your soul to gain understanding about:
•your current life purpose,
•why certain events have happened in your life,
•soul group members and understanding the role they play for you in this life,
•soul contracts and ties
•and also to release unresolved energy or emotion being held in the body manifesting as pain or illness.

For clients with ongoing issues I offer packages which include a tailored combination of Regression, Hypnosis and Ayurvedic therapies which are discounted. Please call for more information as these are tailored to the client, so costs will vary.

Background & Qualifications
I am a member of the Natural Therapists Association and The EARTh Association for Regression Therapy.

My qualifications are:
Dip. Ayurvedic Therapies
Ayurvedic Food, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation
Ayurveda & Pregnancy
Dip Regression Therapy & Transformation
Cert. Hypnosis
Working with Spiritual Emergency
Advanced Techniques in Spirit Release and Curse Removal

Mode of Therapy: Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Hypnotherapy, Ayurvedic Therapies

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