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From an early age I was interested in how something works and what is behind it. That’s why my first training was shaped by mathematics and physics. But encouraged by my own children, people and their development soon came to the fore. I studied the stages of development in childhood and adolescence intensively and have become very familiar with them.

I watched with great interest in my fellow human beings and myself how things continue in adulthood. In practice and through the books by Rudolf Steiner, Bernard Lievegoed and others, it became clear to me that there are other regularities besides the well-known mid-life crisis. Through the many years of caring for my mother, I have dealt intensively with aging and dying. The subject of death and grief haunted me, especially after my husband passed away.

So the training in biography work was a logical consequence of expanding my experienced, experienced and exquisite knowledge with the necessary professional competence and the tools for conversation and seminar work.
This included topics such as the regularities of the life course, working with artistic elements, systemic therapy, psychology, conflict management, mediation.
Since one comes up against the limits of birth and death in biographical work, after asking how things will continue after death, the question of what was before the birth awoke in me more and more.
I started training in reincarnation therapy, experiencing that many things in our life have their roots somewhere completely different, and that there are amazing and very effective ways to heal even long-ago events that are unconsciously standing in our way today.

I feel connected to the approach of humanistic psychology, logotherapy according to Frankl, as well as elements from systemic and gestalt therapy and work from a holistic approach, convinced of the close interdependence of soul, mind and body.

From this experience and training background, I have the opportunity to accompany people in their development empathetically, purposefully, effectively and individually.

  • born 1960 in Stuttgart
  • Abitur, training and work as a physical-technical assistant
  • Studied at the Ludwigsburg University of Education
  • Training as a class teacher at Waldorf schools at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart (then: Seminar for Waldorf Education)
  • Teacher and caregiver for children with disabilities in South Africa
  • Teacher at the Free Waldorf School in Braunschweig
  • Mother of three children, widowed
  • several years as a family caregiver
  • 2-year training in development support, biography counseling and interviewing (based on anthroposophy) at the Bernard Lievegoed Institute in Hamburg, certificate, practicing since 2005
  • 3-year training in reincarnation therapy (based on anthroposophy) with evadio, Dr. Marianne Carolus, recognized training by EARTh (Earth Association for Regression Therapy), graduated with a diploma, practicing since 2010
  • 2013 Further training: reincarnation therapy with children with E. Schäfer, Dipl. Psych., Munich
  • Education Touch for Health
  • Psychotherapy practitioner
  • Research and advanced training “Meditation and Health”, qualification to accompany meditation (certificate)
  • Continuing education through courses, seminars, congresses, etc.
  • Lecturer in the Waldorf teacher training course in Hanover and Bremen
  • Author (“Burnout”, Salumed Verlag)


Evadio Training as a reincarnation therapist
Professional association Biographical work
Bernard Lievegoed Institute Hamburg Regression
therapist Erika Schäfer
Waldorf teacher studies Stuttgart


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