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  Hande Ersoy 
Portakal Yokusu
Portakal Yokusu no 61
ortakoy, Besiktas Istanbul
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Hande Ersoy

She is a regression therapist as a professional member of EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy)

She was educated in journalism and fine arts/theater.
Worked as a TV and documentary director and also project manager.
She started to be interested in body, mind and soul integration with yoga and meditation in 1998. She is continuing energy exercises with TaiChi and Chigong.
She met regression on 2011 and experienced her self it’s transformational effects on her life and became a student of regression therapy.
She’s graduated from Unicorn Transformational Studies and afterwards
she’s trained in shamanic practices, improving her self in this field.
She also completed the training of “Creative Drama Trainer & Leadership programme”, also Bilyay Academy.

Her certificated trainings:

Regression Therapy Training / Unicorn Transformational Studies (2011-2014)

The Firm Touch – Accident Trauma Release and Back Pressure – Hans TenDam /
Pre-Congress Course of 5th World Congress for Regression Therapy
Working With Abuse – Trisha Caetano / EARTh College
Transformation Through Core-Issue Exploration – Hans TenDam / EARTh College
Transpersonal Integrations – Hans TenDam /
Pre-Congress Course of 4th World Congress for Regression Therapy
Life Prelude – Marion Boon/ EARTh College
Regenerations of Organs – Marion Boon / EARTh College
NLP for Regression Therapists – Resat Guner / Unicorn Transformational Stadies World Congress for Regression Therapy – Porto, Portugal World Congress for Regression Therapy – Kuşadası, İzmir Turkey

Shamanic Journey I. & II.- Juanita Pudifoot
Shamanic Healing- Leo Rutherford

Optimum Balance Model I.- Tamer Dövücü, Jeffey K. Zeig
Reiki I. II. III.a- Mine Dural, Neşe Medeni, Fadime Emir

Some of work shops she’s attended :

Using Art Therapy Working With Children and Youths- Psikolog Nur Dinçer / Arkabahçe Psikolojik Gelişim, Eğitim ve Danışmanlık Merkezi
Abundance with Dynamic Theatre- Mark Wentworth, Filipe De Moura
Connecting with the ancestors- Mark Wentworth, Filipe De Moura
Discovering Energy Fields- Juanita Pudifoot
Psychic Defence- Fadime Emir / Bilyay

And she has followed lots of other seminars and workshops for years.

She has a nine years old son.

Other interests:
She used to a rock climber and mountaineer. Also run orienteering races as a licsensed athlete.

Mode of therapy
Psychic Defense, Connecting with the ancestors,Using Art Therapy
She made no official publications so far. But she gave conferences in Society for Sciences of Higher Consciousness.

Verified publication:

Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)