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Holly has been working in the field of regression therapy for over three decades. She currently has a private practice at the Transformational Therapy Center which she founded in 1996. She is currently Vice President on the Board of Directors for the International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT) and one of the evaluators of IBRT applicants. In her private practice Holly specializes in transpersonal psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, past-life therapy, spirit releasement therapy, sandplay therapy, EMDR, EFT and Reiki. Holly is also trained in working with paranormal experiences. She served two terms on the IAPRT Board of Directors and lectures extensively on past-life therapy.

Holly is the Director and main instructor at HCH Institute for Hypnotherapy and Psychospiritual Trainings, a California school. HCH is accredited by IBRT to train regression therapists. She has been training therapists in hypnotherapy and regression therapy since 1986.

On site at HCH Holly directs and supervised interns who are graduates of her training programs who provide low fee services to Bay Area residents in hypnotherapy, regression therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki.

Holly’s book Spiritual Hypnotherapy Scripts for Body, Mind and Spirit is well received by therapists as a transpersonal approach to hypnotherapy is a available in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon.

Her book outlines how she teaches transpersonal hypnotherapy by paralleling her approach to Taoist precepts in the Tao de Ching. Included are stories of her personal and professional experiences of the profound effects of engaging in the work of non-ordinary states therapy through hypnosis and regression therapy. The book also includes 51 scripts for just about any therapeutic presenting issue, including interactive scripts for past life and present life regression, spirit releasement, talking with the dead, inter life therapy, psychic boundaries, grounding, chakra balancing and energetic protection.

Holly has an extensive catalogue of hypnotherapy CDs that include Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotherapy education and self-guided processes that are those that she teaches and uses successfully with clients. She has three series of CDs.

Children’s Sleep Hypnosis:

These CDs are specifically for children (although adults have used and benefited from them, too). They are hypnotic metaphors and stories with hypnotic suggestions. They are to be used as bedtime stories. Soothing music and nature sounds are in the background. They also invoke the child’s higher Self or inner wisdom.

Controlling Bodily Functions (bed wetting and soiling)

Sweet Dreams

Izzie the Cricket (for trauma, communications, and improving self esteem)

Health and Wellness Series:

These CDs include the teaching and use of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Hypnotherapy processes

Each of these CDs is multi-track including education, training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), facilitated processes in using EFT for the specific focus of the CD, and a series of hypnotherapy processes, including sleep hypnosis. Soothing original background music accompanied the processes. Descriptions are on the back of each CD or on the Hypnosis CD page of the HCH web site. The techniques on these CDs are those that I use very successfully with my clients and teach at HCH Institute to my hypnotherapy students as a part of their preparation to be professional hypnotherapists.

Overcoming Insomnia

Becoming Smoke Free

Releasing Anxiety

Creating the Inner Family, Healing the Inner Child

Becoming Pain Free (two CD set)

Self Hypnosis for Relaxation

Spiritual Hypnotherapy Series:

These CDs are transpersonally oriented processes that directly engage the higher self and the inner healer.

Each of these CDs has education and processes for accessing the transpersonal awareness for healing and transformation of present life issues. The higher Self is used as an inner source of wisdom and guidance in these processes. Soothing original instrumental music accompanies the processes.

Echoes of the Soul: Exploring a Past Life Question, Concern or Issue

Echoes of the Soul: Exploring a Past Life Relationship

Echoes of the Soul; Exploring the Inter Life

Spirit Releasement and Talking with the Dead


Lucid Dreaming

Hypnosis for Surgery

The Higher Self

The Inner Healer

Chakra Balancing, Grounding and Spiritual Protection

Go to and search for “Holly Holmes-Meredith” to purchase MP3 downloads.

All of her CDS are also available on Spotify.

Holly is available for for video conference sessions on-line

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