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Juanita has worked for over 25yrs as a professional counsellor, therapist and trainer in the area of psychotherapy, metaphysics, spiritual and self development. From her childhood experiences she realised that the world is in fact a ‘Sea of vibrating energy’ that in this mix there are many differing types of external and internal influences that effect individuals. Having a keen desire to help bring transformation for people Juanita embarked on exploring which methods, approaches and techniques would effectively help individuals change their lives.

Over the years Juanita has found that there are some core influences, which when explored and transformed can bring huge changes. These range from difficult unresolved childhood experiences, fragmentation of psyche, trauma, family dynamics, unfinished business from our Ancestors, residues and binding contracts from Past Lives, Spirit attachments and negative environmental energies of place, home and office.

Energy Gateways was founded by Juanita to provide teaching programmes which are a synthesis of ancient techniques and practical exercises, that through the exploration of energetic fields, brings to awareness and helps to heal the deep seated energetic structures that hold us back and bind us, hindering us from becoming the individual that we were truly born to be.

Juanita works with individuals, groups and organizations by exploring and working with the ‘energetic worlds’ utilizing methods such as Deep Memory Process, (DMP, a form of regression therapy), shamanic practice. Inspired and influenced by psychodrama, action methods, mind techniques such as Neo Linguistic Programming. Including the Esoteric practices of Western and Eastern spiritual traditions, especially the ancient traditions of communication with the ‘other worlds’ Gods and Goddesses, Plant spirits and Earth deities.

An important stage on Juanita’s journey was working with the late author and grail seeker Dr Roger Woolger Ph.D (creator of Deep Memory Process, past life regression therapy) in Britain, France, Turkey, Egypt and Greece. She is one of the Chief Trainers of DMP and is part of the Woogler Training International professional council that oversees his work and continues his legacy worldwide. She also collaborated with Dr Woolger for a number of years in the radical technique of collective spirit release called Ancestral Field Work. Together they led tours to major sacred sites in ancient Egypt, including guiding groups in sacred ceremonies.

She has trained numerous people over the years to be sensitive to their subtle energy bodies and connect with other realities in a practical and grounded way. Using her therapeutic skills she supports people to explore their own inner journeys of healing and empowerment. The comments and feedback she has received over the years confirms her ability as a highly skilled teacher.

Having worked with the “unseen worlds” in some form or another throughout her life, she has completed several professional training’s that have helped give shape to and helped hone her innate skills that enable her to work professionally and ethically with a wide variety of clients.

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