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Maria Bennett

313 Berrydale Avenue
Medford, OREGON 97501
United States



My name is Maria Bennett and I am a 27 year old native Portuguese woman born and raised in Portugal.
I am the mother of two beautiful boys and have an amazing husband. I am also a therapist of transpersonal psychotherapy. My certification was done in Lisbon, Portugal in the institute Alma Soma that is certified by the Earth Association for Regression Therapy.
I am so passionate about helping people overcoming their traumas and changing their life. I truly believe there is always a solution for our problems and struggles and I am here to help you with it.
Life is a beautiful journey. I will make sure you feel supported as well as safe in this journey as I take you to the deepest parts of yourself.

The intention of transpersonal psychotherapy is to find the root cause of your problem and resolve the effects of those unresolved experiences.

The root cause of your problem might be in a recent traumatic event you’ve experienced, or it could be a part of your more distant memories such as your childhood, in past lives, between lives and so many more places.

We will get to the origin of it with methods like regression hypnosis, visualizations, psico-drama, focusing-thecniques, spirit release and energy healing.

Mode of Therapy:
We will work with the energetic, emotional, physical, spiritual and mental parts of yourself.
We will be approaching the root of your problems by recalling, re-living and processing situations that caused trauma in your life and do not allow you to live LIFE to its fullest.
We work with alternated stages of consciousness which allow us to go to some much deeper places within and have better results than talk therapy.
Most of my sessions will be done by video call.

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