Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Monique van Veldhoven

Maastricht, Netherlands


A small introduction about my life path in which I have always been looking for the deeper meaning of life. Since childhood I have known that there is more between heaven and earth. After a number of major events in my life, I came into contact with transpersonal regression and reincarnation therapy, which I also experience as a way of life.

After a few wanderings, starting in the advertising world, I ended up in the world of gold, as a jeweler. There I learned that gold and diamonds have not only a material value but also a deeper spiritual meaning, that of connection.

For years, besides my work as a jeweler, I further immersed myself in alternative medicine, esotericism and spirituality where I have walked different paths including reiki, foot reflexology, transcendental meditation, ho’oponopono, the Awakening of the illuminated heart, yoga, nutrition, breathing, cold water swimming and Germanic medicine.

A new path was taken and I learned to reconnect with my heart and the universe.

By going back to the origin of my fears, anger and shadow sides, I came to very old pieces that were unprocessed and hindered my development, so many lives have gone through. Layer by layer I peeled off the skins, and came more and more to my core. This has given me many insights and also tools to better deal with my sensitivity. 

This process brought me closer to my authentic self.

Now that my two children are independent, the time has come to use my knowledge and experience as a regression therapist and also to support other people on their life path. The unlimited possibilities of this profession, becoming aware of our resilience and especially taking responsibility for this, make me enthusiastic every day.

Graduated as a transpersonal regression and reincarnation therapist at the Tasso Institute, I am affiliated with the professional associations NVRT and Earth, where I follow several refresher courses every year. My fascination for the profession is great and I will continue to develop myself with great enthusiasm.

NOW is the time to let go of that which limits you. Make an appointment and experience for yourself what transpersonal regression can do for you.

‘If not us, who?

If not now, when?’

~ Lars Muhl

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