Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

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2020 Diploma of Regression Therapy by The Greek Academy of Regression Therapy Athanasios Komianos BA, CHT, CRT & recognised by Earth Association for Regression Therapy
2014 Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology University of Derby / Mediterranean College, Athens, Greece (graduation)
2005 Diploma in Preschool Education, Creative Activities & Expression Department – Institute of Professional Studies I.E.K. Athens, Greece (graduation)
2002 5th High School of Nea Smirni, Greece (graduation)

Seminars & Workshops

2020 Certification “Therapeutic Bahiranga Yoga Nidra Training” (50h) – with Evaggelidis Michael – Nada Yoga Place, Athens, Greece
2015 Certification “Introduction to Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy” (1 year) at E.p.s.y.t.h.e recognised by The Hellenic Society of Counseling and Guidance – E.l.e.s.y.p & Bacp – The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Athens, Greece
2013 Certification “Introduction to Existential Therapy” (12h) Scientific seminar – The Hellenic association for Existential Psychology “Gignesthe” – Athens, Greece
2013 Certification “Who do I being when I am here with you? The existential therapist as idiot, Fool and Executioner” (14h) Scientific seminar with the Professor Ernesto Spinelli – The Hellenic association for Existential Psychology “Gignesthai” –Athens, Greece
2013 Certification “Psychology days” Scientific seminar – The College of Humanistic Sciences – ICPS” Athens, Greece
2013 Certification «Projective Tests – Rorschach & Draw – a – Person», Scientific seminar – Xinis Educational Organisation Athens, Greece
2013 Certification «Cinematherapy – the art of cinema as a form of therapy», Scientific seminar – Xinis Educational Organisation, Athens, Greece
2013 Certification “PET- Parent Effectiveness Training” with Patrick Akrivos Β.Sc., M.A. Gordon Hellas Educational Organization – Athens, Greece
2012/2013 Certification “Practices of the Synthetic Psychotherapeutic Model: Psychoeducational interventions for parents” Vol. 1 & 2 Scientific seminar with Dimitra Kolonia – Rossi, Mediterranean College – Athens, Greece
2012 Certification “Cognitive behavioral techniques for psychosis” Scientific seminar, Mediterranean College – Athens, Greece
24 -28/6/2009 Certification “Person centered counselling & Psychotherapy: Course & Challenges” International Conference & Scientific seminar for AdultS, Institute of Counselling & Psychological Studies ( ICPS) – Athens, Greece
2005 Certification – “Dance therapy as a therapeutic tool” (15h) Scientific seminar with Amanda Kougioufa B.Ed., GDTRSr – Dance therapist of EPI Pedagogical Study – member of Xinis Educational Organisation – Athens, Greece

Professional Experience in education

2015 Assistant Psychologist BSc, MSc in group family therapy – “ARSIS” (Association for the Social Support of Youth MGO) with the psychologist Mr. Antonis Antoniou BSc, MSc – Athens, Greece
2014 Preschool teacher – EQI Learning, Study Center – Athens, Greece
2014/2015 Preschool teacher – Newpark Montessori Nursery School, Shepherds Bush, London, United Kingdom
2010 /2011 Preschool teacher -“Kainourgia Balonia” – Athens, Greece
2009/2010 Preschool teacher – “Artemis & Iasonos” – Athens,Greece
2006 /2009 Preschool teacher- “LILIPOUPOLI” – Athens, Greece
2009 Preschool teacher – “Refugee women’s incorporation and strengthening” EVA”, by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity Social Work Foundation (S.W.F.) – Athens, Greece
2000 & 2001 Team leader & Responsible for the theatrical activities of the community Sports camp “Golden Horse” – Kapandriti, Athens, Greece


2012 Seminar speaker – “Preparation for employment in the family: Mothers’ helpers” – YWCA – Athens, Greece
2006 Assistant of Amanda Kougioufa B.Ed., GDTRSr dance therapy group for children in special needs – Sikiarideio Foundation – Athens, Greece
2004 Customer service – “Paralympic Games Athens 2004” sports complex OAKA – Athens
2003 Customer service – “ARCHELON” protection of the sea turtle – Peloponnese, Greece

Foreign Languages

2006 ENGLISH – Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE), Michigan University – Athens

Computer Skills

2005 Certifications- Operating system Windows & Microsoft Office (Word, excel, Internet, power point, access) & IC 3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification) and Microsoft Office Specialist (Official Certification)

Mode of therapy
I had the honor to be taught by Athanasios Komianos at The Greek Academy of Regression Therapy (Class of 2020) the effective technique called “Hypnoscopesis”. It has been developed by Athanasios Komianos and it is a non – guided technique that the client reaches by itself the root of the problem.
In the regression therapy sessions I apply “Hypnoscopesis” technique in the beginning of the session, where I encourage the clients with the following words “…Now let yourself or your soul take you where it needs to go today….”. Most of the time, the clients are being guided by themselves into the root of their problem, into the main cause of the blockage. The technique is triggering the self to activate the ‘mental search engine’ and gives them the opportunity to track down the issues by themselves. In that way they approach their soul memories where the traumas are hidden, they release emotions and eventually they are guided to catharsis.Furthermore, another technique that I have been taught by Athanasios Komianos during my studies and I use it during the sessions is ‘Rapid Entity Attachment Release’ (Rear) a multi – dimensional approach that gives clients great relief from their psychosomatic problems.
Also, as far as it concerns discarnates and parasitical entiies of the Shadow which the client most of the time are unaware of hosting or has connection from previous lives with the “Shadow energy”, we enter into a process of differential diagnosis in order to identify and nature of this entity. After identification I proceed to the process of its release either by the protocol laid down by Drs Fiore, Baldwin and Modi. I also utilize ancient Greek practices that facilitate the procedure of spirit release.
In conclusion, It is also very important to mention at that point that I only interfere when it’s needed by encouraging clients either to face their traumatic past experience and the painful emotions. Also, during the session I ask questions in order to help the client to address the problem and support them in the awakening process of their inner healer – self that will give them guidance to resolve the issues. If not able to do it due to overwhelming emotions or difficulties to trust themselves then I assist the procedure by suggesting possible solutions, realization and forgiveness etc.

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