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Nermin Uyar

Regression Therapist Nermin Uyar

Osmanaga mah. Canan sk.
No.36 /5 Ece apt.
Kadikoy Istanbul, 34710


Regression therapist, clinical psychologist, social worker

With a corporate working background for many years in banking and finance, I have been an NLP practitioner and Quantum Thinking Technique practitioner in 2006. While I was practicing NLP through the years, I felt always something was missing. When I had my first past life regression session from Diba Ayten Yılmaz in Turkey, I felt that I found the missing part. After I had the training for Past Life Regression Therapy in Radianced School in Turkey, I graduated in 2012. Since then I am full time regression therapist both online and in person. Sessions can be both in Turkish and English.

Mainly I focus on traumatic early childhood experiences, cleansing intrusive energies and spirit release, relationship issues, mood disorders, physiological and biological symptoms treated with no avails. In clinical psychology program, I reviewed and gathered the researchs’ results of schema therapy comparing to compassion therapy in early childhood maladaptive schemas. I am still a student of Life Between Lives Regression in Radianced School – Turkey too.

Together with all of these aspects of my life, I am a traditional gardener who take care of our agro-eco-cultural environment. I play Turkish traditional music instrument called “baglama”. I paint or draw some intuitive mandalas as a gift for people I know. I am learning Spanish language which I love it’s unique intonations’ rhythm.

Thanks to regression work, I feel content myself through in this lifetime. I love to empower the clients to settle down to earth first and experience a wonderful journey while sometimes it seems like a roller-coaster in their lifetimes.

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