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Sibel Yamaç Tamkafa

Regression Therapist Sibel Yamaç Tamkafa

Konaklar Mah. Izzettin Aksalur Cad. Oyak Sit. 33-B Blok D:8 Yenilevent Besiktas, Istanbul 34330



I was born in 1981 in Ankara and lived in different areas of Turkey due to my father’s job. I have BSc degree in Statistics and Master degree in Actuarial Sciences. I have danced for 18 years and taught dancing for 5 years. Also I was professional football referee for 15 years, 10 years in FIFA list.When I was questioning my life aim in the period of giving a break of working in the corporate sector in 2017, I came across with Diba Ayten Yilmaz at Radianced School. After the first session with Diba, I realized what my soul searching for and then I completed all the trainings including advanced trainings at Radianced School and was qualified to have my diploma.

Learning is one of my endless passion. I am working as an actuary, astrologer, professional ICF coach, and Regression Therapist in Istanbul. I am a PhD student of NeuroScience at Uskudar University, student of Child Development at Ataturk University, student of Social Services at Anadolu University.

Mode of therapy 

Past Life Regression Therapy

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