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Spyridon Kapnias

Miltiadou 13 Patras Greece
Patras, Greece 26442



Namaste my friends on the path,

I am Spyros Kapnias Garudananda from Patras, a town in Greece. I received my Diploma in Past Life RegressionTherapy, Energy and Spirit Release Certification and Before Life Spiritual Regression, at Past Life Regression Academy.

I feel so grateful to the universe for bringing on my way Andy Tomlinson and Reena Kumarasingham and being able to make a life long wish come true.

I did my first Past Life Regression 35 years ago from a very important teacher in Greece, who has now left this dimension, Georgios Vouloukos, who was a personal student of Edgar Cayce, and I studied with him for four years.

So far in my life I have apprenticed in various Esoteric Schools and trained in many Energy Healings. For the last 25 years I have been teaching Yoga in Greece and before Covid and in India. Through Yoga I met Yoga Nidra, in which I have been a Trainer for 10 years, doing several trainings and creating an advanced form of it, Garuda Yoga Nidra.

I am an NLP – Life Coaching – Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis Master and Hypnosis Trainer. Also Master EFT, Ho’oponopono, Reiki and am studying as a Mental Health Counselor in two schools at Transactional Analysis and Body-Centred Gestalt Psychotherapy.

I’m so excited about EARTH because it’s a community I’ve always wanted.

Be well everyone and let us all help to open this channel of communication of people, both with the past lives and with the spiritual world in which we exist as souls.

Mode of Therapy:
Each client is unique, with different needs, and that’s why I don’t use a predetermined protocol.

If someone comes for Counseling I will follow Transactional Analysis and Body-Centered Gestalt Psychotherapy at the beginning without excluding Energy Psychology (EFT, Hooponopono, listening to the Heart, etc.). Next I will recommend Negative Energies Release, This Life regression Therapy, Inner Child, Past Life Regression and Between Life Regression.

Where to start this and how the process will continue is never predetermined and depends on the client and their needs.

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