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Stefan Denzinger

Hirschlandstraße 120, 73730 Esslingen am Neckar, Germany



What holds the world together at its core

Since my youth I have been dealing with the invisible background of life. A few years ago, I decided to give this aspect a place in my everyday work, initially as a part-time job. As Stefan Denzinger Transformation, I have been offering personality development for private individuals since 2012.

From engineer to healer

After an apprenticeship as a carpenter, I studied civil engineering in Stuttgart with a focus on traffic planning and did my doctorate in 2001 on a behavior-oriented topic. This was followed by a career in advising companies and administrations in Germany and abroad. I have been an independent consultant as Denzinger Consulting since 2008. At the same time, in 1997 I started working with Destiny and Karma at Coenraad van Houten .

Regression therapy

In the search for more efficient and more precise methods, I came across regression therapy and completed an international training as a “Transpersonal Regression Therapist” with Hans TenDam and Marion Boon ( Tasso International ) in Holland. Hans TenDam said: “Engineers can become excellent therapists – they are careful and thorough.” My clients have already confirmed these qualities to me. I am a Professional Member of EARTh – Earth Association for Regression Therapy .

I have been working with constellations since 2011 and continue to educate myself regularly. So I am “Certified Constellator in Silent Family Constellations” according to Bert Hellinger ( Taunus Institute for Silent Family Constellations, Gerhard Walper ) and “Certified Organizer of Free Constellations” according to Olaf Jacobsen .

Energetic healing methods

On my way into energetic work I completed the ThetaHealing Basic and Advanced Practitioner . Matrix and quantum healing as well as Russian healing methods have also flowed into my training. I have attended seminars with Richard Bartlett and Lumira , among others . In addition, I have completed training as a spiritual healer. The last “discovery” on my methodical journey is Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian forgiveness ritual, which allowed me to recognize the fundamental importance of forgiveness in all my methods.

I thank all my teachers and companions (including the authors of the books I have read) for sharing their knowledge and experiences with me and guiding me to this point.

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)