Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Tazim Elkington – Bio

Tazim Elkington
Riara Road
Nairobi, Nairobi 00100
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About Tazim
Metamorphosis & Career
Tazim was not raised in a typical family setting with present parents and
spent most of her early years living with different families and traveling from
town to town across East Africa. Growing up outside the norms is what
influenced her adaptability and open-mindedness, making her the
revolutionary “mind transformation proponent” she is today!
A Kenyan/Canadian, Tazim’s zest has bolted her career in many directions
including tourism, real estate and marketing. She has worked with numerous
causes, be it supporting orphans or the rights of women and children or
participating in the West End Calendar Girls for Breast Cancer awareness.
She has featured frequently in the press and on popular TV and radio shows.Indian Black Butterfly
A figure and personality on the move”- Motivational speaker, writer,
hypnotherapist and ‘paradigm shifter.’ Tazim Elkington is the Indian Black
Butterfly whose unique strategies have empowered countless individuals and
groups to live more fulfilled lives.The Effect: Far-Reaching
The Indian Black Butterfly effect is boundless! This is a woman with a
powerful presence and a mission to engender positive societal change,
extending her compassion to individuals, groups, businesses, in Africa and
With a gift for connecting with all, she views each individual as the unique
being they are. From boardrooms to the slums, her powerful message
speaks of freedom, balance, integrity, action and endless fulfilled potential
The Paradigm-Shifter
Change is vital. Harnessing her strong, almost psychic, instinct about the
human spirit, Tazim brings change “one person at a time” with a view to
nurturing a sustainable future for all.The Speaker
Tazim’s words go straight to the heart and resonate with every human
being. A natural and trained public speaker in high demand, she has a forte
for ‘off the cuff’ keynote talks.
Drawing on her talent as a paradigm shifter, motivational speaker, business
consultant and author, Tazim has established herself firmly as one of the top
names in the personal development field. She is also fast becoming a top
name in broadcasting and publishing, frequently speaking on TV and writing
in the local dailies.
Tazim has become a leading personality on and off screen with her
enthusiasm, humour, compassion, sense of freedom, value-based focus,
unique way with words and out-of-the-box delivery that energizes
individuals, groups and communities.

The Writer
Tazim is known for her collection of pros, “Song of the Soul.” Her meaningful
and enquiring work is an expression of deep connection to the inner self.
Extracts have been published weekly in The Standard newspaper under the
title ’Just a Thought.’

The Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Regression Therapist and Talk Therapist
Tazim is known as one of the most effective Therapists in Kenya. Her style in drawing out issues with her clients and diving deep are unique and transformational. As a certified Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Regression therapist she facilitates deep healing of core issues for her clients.

Mode of therapy
Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal regression therapy, Talk therapyPublications

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