Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Z. Banu Gürün

Caferağa, 34710
Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey


I was born as the eldest of the three children of my family in 1967. Being the very first child and grandchild of a crowded family, from the scratch I had grown up observing all verbal and gestural relations and communications between all different kinds of personalities. My intention and deep interest for trying to see beyond the obvious , recognise the very plan beyond the substantial and understand the actual one appeared at those ages.

After successfully graduating from Notre Dame De Sion, Boğaziçi University and San Francisco State University, I had been sales manager, assistant General Manager and chief coordinator in some private companies from finance,communication and film industry during nearly 20 years of my career. While my professional career was going on, in the beginning of 2000’s my personal transformation journey has started to find my purpose of life, to know myself, and to be confidently in the flow of life and to create any possibility in this concern.

I attended numerous seminars and educations in my country and abroad on subliminal studies, shamanical practices, areas of energy, top level NLP related with selfhelp and selftransformation, Reiki, Rasheeba, the psychogenetical reasons of diseases, karmic relations within family and family tree,realations, ODM (Optimum Balance Model), and Ho’oponopono etc.

By using my own study technic that I had created blending all of these educations I have been getting since 1999, I am practicing regression therapy and shamanic journeying of which I had the top level education, on an individual basis as private sessions as well as group workshops.  I keep studying on following fields as a postgraduate of the Scool of Unicorn Transformational Studies. I am also a Professional member of EARTH (Earth Association for Regression Therapy).

In this way within which I have been progressing in the light of my purpose of life, I am trying to support people to reveal their interior selfhealing powers, to transform their mental, emotional and physical notions and their patterns of feelings and thoughts all of which preclude their flow of life, and to become integrated within the awareness of Oneness. This is my way  to have further steps to create a better world based on love, cooperation and understanding.

My Proficiencies: Regression Expert; NLP; Practicing Shamanic Journey; Studies of Past Life; Dreams and Nightmares; Transforming “Uninvited Energies”; Obsessions; Abuse, Harrassment; Health Issues that couldn’t be explanied by the existing diagnosis (chronical aches, allergies, weight problems, migraine, etc.); Phobias; Inner Child Work; Dementia and Integration; Life and Career Planning and Aim Determination; Changing the Patterns relating to the Body; Accidents and Shocks; Addictions; Ancestral Study; Karmic Relations; Traumas from the Womb; Experience of Rebirth etc.

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