Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Ann Merivale

Delayed Departure: A Beginner’s Guide to Soul Rescue


Delayed Departure by author and regression therapist Ann Merivale contains all that is needed for anyone interested in embarking on the important work of soul rescue, with illustrations taken from the author’s own practice.

“If you have picked up this book, you have been called to assist those in great need of your help. The people of the northern climes have long forgotten our ancient ways of helping our loved ones to leave their bodies gracefully and move on to their next task. The result is a myriad of lost souls who need someone’s help to cross over, helping their eternal souls, and at the same time helping our own souls and those of all souls inhabiting this Earth plane.
You are in luck! Ann Merivale’s matter-of-fact way of describing how to help these lost souls in simple terms belies the deeply profound nature of these spiritual truths.
This book reads like a primer of psychopomp, enabling everyone and anyone willing to successfully reach out and assist in the compassionate clearing of these stuck souls, and in doing so returning to us and our descendants newfound traditions for death, dying, and moving on. ~ Dr. Eve Bruce, author “Shaman MD” Destiny Books Inner Traditions and “Shamanism: The Book of Journeys” O-Books.


ISBN-13: 978-1782790112

Discovering the Life Plan


This book goes through the WHOLE of life in stages, but it begins not at birth, or even conception,  but in the planning stage, in what is known by Tibetans as the Bardo – the inter-life stage – when important decisions are made are one’s chief purpose(s) in the forthcoming life, the main lessons that need to be learnt, the karmic debts to be paid, and the main cast of characters. (Some people choose a happy life living with a soul mate, while others realise that they will learn more, overcome more important challenges and complete more of their karma by living a life on their own or one with more pain and difficulty.) And the book ends not at death, but rather shows how death is not the end, describing some fictional post-death scenarios. It includes numerous true case histories, many of which demonstrate the impact of previous lives on a persons present life, and each chapter is followed by useful self-help exercises. Above all it shows how there is a good reason for everything that happens in life.

ISBN-13: 978-1846948213

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