Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Arthur Guirdham

Obsession: Psychic Forces and Evil in the Causation of Disease


A new approach to the understanding of neurotic disease. A book by psychiatrist Arthur Guirdham. Obsessional states are direct protective reflex following the perception of evil. This is first revealed in night terrors and involuntary tics of childhood. The victims of obsessional states are often markedly psychic. Many are clairvoyant and telepathic. Their obsessional tendencies are related to the repression of these gifts. A number have far memory back to, and preceding birth.

ISBN-10: 0854352716

The Cathars & Reincarnation


“I found this book a bit difficult to read, but very well worth the trouble. That’s because, assuming the author did his homework honestly and accurately (as I do), this is a record of spontaneous (not hypnosis-induced) memories, recorded by a credentialed psychiatrist, for which there are corresponding detailed historical records (records she was very unlikely to have known of, especially when she wrote down her memories as a school-girl). Not one historically-recorded person only, but several people mentioned in the patient’s recollections are verified as having actually existed, along with places. This has been done before, but rarely so completely.

The book also gives a very good sense of what the Cathars were like, and it brings up an interesting question–which group was the more “heretical”–the Cathars, or the politically dominant Catholic Church which persecuted them?”

Stephen Sakkelarios

After that book a lot of others were written on the subject by Dr. Guirdham, like We Are One Another, The Lake and the Castle, The Great Heresy.

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