Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Christopher Bache

Lifecycles: Reincarnation and the Web of Life


This text combines scientific testimonies about reincarnation with philosophical arguments about its implications. It draws upon the esoteric and classic literature of the world’s religions, as well as contemporary sources, from consciousness to near-death studies.

“The most intelligent, engaging and broad ranging discussion of reincarnation I have encountered. Bache, a postmodern philosopher sensitive to ancient wisdom, helps us see that any genuine encounter with our past lives is part of the soul’s quest to know our divine origins and higher purpose on earth.” Roger Woolger.

ISBN: 1557783500

Dark Night; Early Dawn: Steps to a Deep Ecology of Mind


Combining philosophical reflections with deep self-exploration to delve into the ancient mystery of death and rebirth, this book emphasizes collective rather than individual transformation. Drawing upon twenty years of experience working with nonordinary states, Bache argues that when the deep psyche is hyper-stimulated using Stanislav Grof’s powerful therapeutic methods, the healing that results sometimes extends beyond the individual to the collective unconscious of humanity itself.

ISBN: 0791446069

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