Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Jeffrey Iverson

More Lives Than One? The Evidence Of The Remarkable Bloxham Tapes RTF


A Welsh housewife, under hypnosis, tells of her lives in Roman times, during the massacre of the Jews in 12th century York, as a serving girl to a merchant prince in medieval France, as maid of honor to Catherine of Aragon, in the London of Queen Anne, as a nun in the American midwest. Regressions to former lives came spontaneously when she visited hypnotherapist Arnall Bloxham to solve phobias that she had.

The writer was a BBC documentary producer and he wrote down the story concerning the housewife. Written in 1976 it was of the pioneering books in the research of the possibility of regression into past lives.

ISBN-10: 0446893722

In Search of the Dead: A Scientific Investigation of Evidence for Life After Death


For over a century, scientists have searched for proof that man survives death. In this book, and the BBC2 television series which it accompanies, Jeffrey Iverson looks for evidence of an after-life. Enquiries into the existence of psi powers which survive death of the brain include experiments in viewing at a distance where the odds against guessing correctly are billions to one, and the story of a team of psychics, led by a parapsychologist, who “saw” the infamous New York “Son of Sam” killer. The author delves into mediums, seances and apparitions, including the incident of the ghostly warning that may have scared a ship in the 1942 Siege of Malta. He asks whether near-death experiences are the hallucinations of a dying brain, or whether those close to death actually leave their bodies. Case studies tell how children born with birthmarks relate them to verified incidents in other lives. Quantum physicists suggest that reality may be a dimension of thought, and the author reports on scientific investigations into the nature of death and puts recent theories to a leading mystic, His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Jeffrey Iverson is a Royal Television Society Award winner, whose television documentaries include “The Bloxham Tapes”.

ISBN-10: 0563361239

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