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Regression Therapy

Joan Grant

Many Lifetimes


Joan Grant is recognized world wide for her stunning ability to remember the events of previous lives with as much lucidity as an episode from last week. Dr. Denys Kelsey, Joan’s third husband, was a well-established psychiatrist when they first met. After marrying, they worked together to understand the deeper currents affecting some of Kelsey’s patients, based on Joan’s insights into past lives. The result is Many Lifetimes.

ISBN: 0898041619

Winged Pharaoh


As a child, the astonishing Joan Grant became aware of her uncanny “Far Memory,” the ability to recall past incarnations who had lived in long-ago times and far-flung places. Her seven historical novels stand out for their vividness and rich detail. For Joan, these books were not works of the imagination but personal recollections of her previous lives.

In Winged Pharaoh, Joan Grant tells the story of Sekeeta, the Pharoah’s daughter. The ancient Egyptians reserved the title of “Winged Pharaoh” for ruler-priests who possessed extra-sensory powers. When Sekeeta demonstrates psychic abilities, she is sent to the temple and trained to recall past lives. Upon the death of her father, she becomes a “winged Pharaoh” – both priestess and Pharaoh – and leads her country with enlightenment. The most famous of Joan Grant’s “Far Memory” novels, this book brings the grandeur, beauty, and mystery of ancient Egypt to life. Upon Winged Pharaoh’s original publication in 1937, the New York Times called it “an unusual book that shines with fire”.

ISBN-10: 1585678864

Far Memory


This is Joan Grant’s autobiography of her childhood and the development of her psychic talents and ability to recall earlier lives. It is a fascinating and breathtaking story which draws the reader vividly into the midst of her many rich and colorful experiences. It is poignant, charming, insightful, and inspiring — and records in great detail how she came to write her novels.
Joan Grant authored a set of 7 remarkable novels, in which she recaptures the drama and setting of one of her own previous lives. Called “far memory” novels, these 7 books offer tremendous insight into the nature of reincarnation, spiritual development, and psychic talents. She also wrote a set of memoirs and one nonfiction study of reincarnation, Many Lifetimes, which she coauthored with her 3rd husband, Denys Kelsey.

ISBN-10: 0898041414

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