Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Marge Reider

Return to Millboro: The Reincarnation Drama Continues


“Even more compelling than Mission, as the cast of Civil War characters expands to include prehistoric Indians, runaway slaves, and the underground railroad”. — Chet B. Snow. Ph.D, . Mass Dreams of the Future

We revisit the intriguing reincarnation story, as more people are discovered who, under hypnosis, have memories from Millboro, Virginia in the 1800s. After several trips to the present-day Millboro, Dr. Rieder shares with us her impressions and the detective work involved in finding evidence to prove the uncanny accuracy of these centuries-old memories.

ISBN-10: 0931892287

Mission to Millboro


Not one, but more than thirty-five people have been identified – most of them from around Lake Elsinore, California – who, under hypnosis, can recall in graphic detail, life in the same little town in Virginia during the American Civil War! Using the information gained during the hypnnotherapy sessions, Dr. Rieder enthralls us by showing the secret tunnels and hideaways she uncovered while on her expeditions to Millboro. She skillfully reconstructs the suspenseful stories of love, tragedy and espionage from these tumultlious times that echo through the past and impact the present.

ISBN-13: 9780931892592

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