Regression Therapy
Regression Therapy

Peter Fenwick

Past Lives: An Investigation Into Reincarnation Memories


Dr. Fenwick the distinguished scientist who is president of the Scientific and Medical Network along with his wife delve into the reincarnation memories. The authors of this text present research on the phenomenon of reincarnation, placing it within a scientific framework by examining the many theories and beliefs about why seemingly ordinary people experience such powerful memories of a past life.
“For centuries the existence of reincarnation has been a firmly held belief of millions, which crosses races, religions, and cultures. In Past Lives Dr. Peter Fenwick and Elizabeth Fenwick examine this extraordinary phenomenon by attempting to determine whether people are experiencing actual memories, or thoughts and ideas based on imagination. Featuring over one hundred firsthand accounts from those who believe they can recall their previous existences, this insightful exploration of reincarnation may change the way you think – and challenge your views of life itself.”

ISBN-10: 0425180751

The Truth in the Light: An Investigation of Over 300 Near-Death Experiences


Containing over 300 accounts of near-death experiences from those who have glimpsed beyond the physical boundaries of our world. Through the authors’ experiences, this compelling investigation explores how far science can go to examine NDEs, as well as ponders what readers can learn from them when science goes no further. Written by Dr. Peter Fenwick the president of the Scientific and Medical Network and his wife Elizabeth.

ISBN: 0425156087

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