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Regression Therapy

Peter Kingsley

Ancient Philosophy, Mystery, and Magic: Empedocles and Pythagorean Tradition


Empedocles played a crucial role in the development of western culture; yet little is known or understood about this man, who lived in Sicily in the fifth-century BC. This is mainly because his teaching has been reconstructed by modern scholars first and foremost on the basis of Aristotle’s hostile reports – producing a picture, which is disconnected, and lacking in depth. Using material never exploited before, Peter Kingsley presents the first full-scale study of Empedocles to situate his fragmentary writings in their original context of philosophy as a way of life, mystery religion and magic, and of the struggle to realize one’s own divinity. This study also explores fresh evidence, which proves Empedocles was not an isolated figure and reveals new links between his work and ancient Pythagoreanism. The process of establishing these links now makes it possible to demonstrate, in detail, the Pythagorean origin of Plato’s myths. Kingsley re-examines problems regarding the connections between ancient magic, science, and religion. More specifically, he traces for the first time a line of transmission from Empedocles and the early Pythagoreans down to southern Egypt, and from there into the world of Islam. “Highly polemical new book…The thesis is argued with immense learning.” – “Times Higher Education Supplement”.

ISBN: 9780198150817

In the Dark Places of Wisdom


Parmenides, the ancient Greek poet who is known as the father of logical thought, has been a decisive influence in shaping the whole course of Western philosophy and is a crucial figure in determining how we understand the ancient world. But there are some disturbing details in his own poetry, together with occasional remarks made by other ancient writers, that have always cast a long shadow of doubt over the standard view of him as a purely rational thinker. Then, in the 1950s, a series of inscriptions was unearthed at Parmenides’ hometown in southern Italy which has thrown a totally new light on the nature and purpose of his philosophy. This book brings the key evidence together and presents a new picture of him as priest, initiate and healer.

ISBN-10: 1890305001X

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